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    Connecting Clients to a Master + External Node Classification with the Foreman
    12-4-14 7:00 pm
    Utah County Puppet Users Group

    Last time we learned basic module creation, we then verified our Puppet syntax with a simple lint check. This time around we will talk basics of connecting a Puppet client up to a Puppet master. We will explore the nodes.pp file and make some...

    12-4-14 7:00 pm
    Hack Provo

    Izeni will be hosting their first #HACKPROVO this week! Hack Provo is all about collaboration and helping each other out. If you're sick of talking about making something happen, and you really want to make progress then bring your side...

    Data Viz, the Fundamentals
    12-4-14 7:00 pm
    DataViz University

    This will be our first meeting. We'll get to know each other, review some of the philosophies of data viz, and make plans. If you're looking for a way to start learning data viz, specifically using d3js, this meeting will be for you.